2015 Rewind – End of the year project

The annual 201X Rewind videos I create follow the things I did that year, the places I’ve been, what I’ve listened to, what I’ve played, etc. Since 2013, I have created one for each year, and this one I feel is the strongest in showcasing different aspects of video editing. If you would like to see my 2016 Rewind, that can be found here.

A lot of time was spent editing and rendering this project. Throughout the month of December, I began rendering the panning Earth shots using the 3D modeling software Cinema 4D, which really helped to stitch together all the places and random footage I record on a daily basis.

Because of all the effort put forth for this video, I can safely say these end-of-the-year projects push my creativity and editing skills to their fullest potential. They also have the added benefit of showcasing my progress as an editor, which I like to look back on from time to time. After all, I started this series as a way to teach myself Adobe Premiere. See: [2013] [2014] [2015] [2016]

Jon Doty