Missourian Outreach Promos

During my time working at the Columbia Missourian, I primarily worked with video, and outreach was no exception. As part of our coursework for an online audience development class, the Missourian team planned out and filmed three videos aimed at bettering the Missourian brand and credibility in the eyes of the community.

My part in this group was primarily during the production and post-production sides of things. For the days of production, I used my prior knowledge of film equipment to work a c-stand, which we used to mount a camera 7-8 feet off the ground and above a white table.

Then, I was the main person working on these projects in post. I usually sat down one night early in the week and made a first cut of the project, then showed the group the first version for critique. We then went through and perfected any wording, timing or music choices, then sent it to our faculty leaders for feedback, or to publish.

The first video focused on the awards we’ve won statewide as a newsroom. The video ran on the annual Mizzou Giving Day, and reached about 6,500 people on Facebook as of this posting.

For the second video, we wanted to delve more into the lengthy fact-checking process of our newsroom.

And finally, the third video we created was aimed at how our community can be involved in the Missourian’s processing, and also contribute their own work.

Jon Doty