Old Love – Columbia Missourian

For this piece of work, I helped direct, shoot, and plan this project as my first big video for the Columbia Missourian.

A little over a week from Valentine’s Day, our Director of Photography threw out the idea of a multi-camera, lit, and mic-ed video to go along-side one of the center pieces for the following week. As one of our two video editors, we immediately began brainstorming with the reporter, and planning the video. I primarily took on the piece, directing and editing the video personally.

I worked with and coordinated several videographers that really made this project possible. I attended the first interview, put together the camera layout we would use, and drew up a diagram to keep the style of each interview consistent. Then over the weekend, I progressively watched, cut, and refined each interview into the final piece.

Since the video’s release, it’s been greatly received, especially on Facebook. The video reached over 20,000 people, with around 7,000 views organically. From the Missourian analytics report, “This post outperformed every other post on our pages by reaching almost five thousand more people.”

Jon Doty