My Timeline

My Timeline


January 17

Photo, Video, & VR Editor for the Missourian

For the Spring 2017 semester, I began working as an editor for the photo department at the Columbia Missourian. As the semester progressed, I took on the roles of video and VR editor, planning, directing, creating, editing, and standardizing graphics for our multimedia content.
September 6

Tech Show Writer and Video Editor

During the Fall 2016 semester, I worked as a video editor for the University of Missouri's Futures Lab Update, a show based around showcasing new and interesting technology for use in journalism. My work included gathering info on story ideas, writing scripts for packages, and cutting together packages using Final Cut Pro X.
July 8

Intern for a Feature Film

[Trailer] Throughout the month of July, I worked as an intern for an indie-film, titled In The Wake of Ire. In this experience, I primarily worked as an audio recordist for two of the three-week shoot. I worked with all sorts of equipment, most of which boiled down to mixers, shotgun mics, booms, and wireless lav mics.
May 22

Video Producer for Vox Magazine

[Videos] During the spring of 2016, I worked as a video producer for the Columbia, Mo student-news outlet Vox Magazine. I shot and edited videos to accompany and enhance content ran in the weekly print issues.
September 1

Freelance for the American Red Cross

[Videos] In this freelance project, I created a series of informational videos for the Red Cross. The organization provided the script, which I then voiced, edited and added visuals to teach users about the ARC's new Ready Rating website.
July 23

Volunteer for YouTube Convention

In both 2015 and 2016, I worked as a volunteer for the annual convention VidCon, which is based around the online video community. Each year, I was required to work 12 hours out of the three days of the convention. My duties included processing thousands of people through signing-halls, restocking shirts, convention booklets and bags and helping time-keep meetings between talent and companies.  
December 15

Began Working in Adobe Premiere

Over winter break of 2013-2014, I took the plunge into working in a new editing environment. One that gave me much greater control, compatibility, support and potential for the future.
August 31


As long as I've been producing videos, I've posted them on YouTube. But during 2013, my gaming channel, Jond, received the largest boost in subscribers and views in my years of creating. I learned a significant portion of what I  know in Adobe Premiere because of YouTube. Creating content also introduced me to programs, such as Cinema 4D, which allow me to 3D model and animate. It's taught me skills in search engine optimization, and film production experience working with audio and video equipment.
May 29

Live Streamer for St. Louis Surge Basketball

Over the 2012, 2013, and 2014 fall basketball seasons, I freelanced as a live broadcaster for the St. Louis Surge women basketball team. A majority of the games, I worked with a team and a live announcer, however some games I broadcasted solo. I worked on the tracking camera, and helped set up a live scoreboard using a secondary camera and XSplit.  
April 25

Social Media Intern for HS Journalism Convention

[Twitter] My senior year in high school, I worked as a social media intern for the Journalism Education Association. I was one six interns managing an official convention Twitter account, focused on engagement and providing helpful information. I primarily worked the photography-side of the account, taking DSLR photos specifically to Tweet, and creating galleries of awards nights.  
January 18

Workshop Instructor for Joplin High School

In the winter of my senior year, my high school journalism adviser took myself and a few others to Joplin, MO, to teach a workshop we hosted for their high-school journalism program. I focused on talking about the web, and video side of things, answered questions my groups had, and showed off work we had done.  
September 19

Head of Live Broadcasts for Student Media

During the 2012 and 2013 school year, I worked as the head of livestreaming for our student newsroom. We streamed several main events, with audiences ranging from teachers and students in classrooms, to parents. I created our set up utilizing a wired and wireless feed, and ran through Ustream for graphics and multi-cam switching.
June 23

Web Editor for Student-Media Site

During the 2012-2013 school year, I worked as one of two web editors in charge of primarily the front end of our high school's student media site, My daily activities included creating banners for events, creating widgets, and tinkering with HTML/Javascript and appearances in our Wordpress theme. In the spring of 2013, the website won an Online Pacemaker award, presented by the Associated Collegiate Press. The website was judged based on "coverage and content, quality of writing and reporting, leadership, design, photography and graphics."
September 25

Videographer for Student-Media Site

Starting in 2010, until the conclusion of graduation day, 2013, I worked as a videographer and video editor for our student media site During my time, I captured terabytes of sports, events, concerts, assemblies and anything else going on in the school. I was known as the kid who went to everything, because I pretty much did. I would also publish full games and events for people to view afterwards, often taking advantage of multi-cam editing.  
February 4

Began Editing in Movie Edit Pro

As a step up from Windows Movie Maker, I purchased my first copy of Magix Movie Edit Pro, and used the software through 2013.
November 20

Videographer for the First Baptist Church Harvester

Since 2008, all the way until early 2013, I worked as the unofficial videographer for The Realm - the youth-centered branch of the First Baptist Church Harvester. During this time, I filmed events and edited fun videos to share, filmed full-length sermons and live performance videos of the church band. It is here that I was given my first opportunities to grow my passion for video. I took my first steps into cinematography, multi-cam editing, one-man-filming and heavy editing, all by doing.  
February 7

First Steps into YouTube

Ever since I got this cool camcorder, I've wanted to publish my videos somewhere. I can't pinpoint exactly when, but as of at least early 2008, I began posting videos on YouTube. And I just kept going at it.
December 25

My First Camera

On Christmas morning, I unwrapped my gifts, one of which was my first video camera. My sister and I shared the camera, and I began filming videos, events and cool things in my daily life.